We are SheWorks!

We break geographical barriers, connect professional women
with remote work opportunities, and bring transparency
to remote workforce management.

Leadership team

  • Silvina Moschini
    Silvina Moschini Founder & CEO
  • Natalya Spicker
    Natalya Spicker President
  • Carla Cassanello
    Carla Cassanello VP of SheWorks! Academy
  • Maricruz Tabbia
    Maricruz Tabbia Customer Success & Operations Manager
  • Gina Carriazo Hickey
    Gina Carriazo Hickey Chief Communications Officer
  • Natalia Salmerón
    Natalia Salmerón Product Developer Manager
  • Natalia Duarte
    Natalia Duarte Art director
  • Evangelina Hirschfeld
    Evangelina Hirschfeld Digital Communications Manager
  • Liliana Aversente
    Liliana Aversente Talent Operations Manager

Board of Directors of TransparentBusiness

    ALEX KONANYKHIN CEO of TransparentBusiness
  • Silvina Moschini
    Silvina Moschini Chair of the Board
  • Andrew Winn
    Andrew Winn Chief Financial Officer
    MOE VELA Fmr Senior advisor to President Joe Biden
  • Frédéric Garcia
    Frédéric Garcia Director

Impact initiatives

SheWorks in Tech!

SheWorks! in Tech trains women in the areas of Technology and Marketing to help them develop professionally. Together with Facebook, we transform the world of work and hack the gender unemployment gap on a global scale. We train and certify hundreds of women with soft and technical skills, so they can succeed in the new world of work.

Rhode Island

Together with the State of Rhode Island we are rebuilding a “more equal and resilient economy” in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and unemployment challenges, which have disproportionately affected women. Through our partnership, we train women in the most demanded skills in the job market and connect them to local and international remote jobs.

Skirt the Rules

Skirt the Rules is a global movement supporting women in building, leading and growing better businesses. It’s a go-to hub for female entrepreneurs who want to thrive in the business world. Through this initiative, we facilitate access to tools, training, digital experiences, events, and best practices to help them think big when achieving their business goals.

Awards and Recognitions

“Iconic Companies Creating a Better World for All”
“UN Equals in Tech Award Winners 2019”
“Leading case to close the gender gap”