Do you want to hire diverse
talent with zero recruitment fees?
Be part of the Rhode Island Back to Work Program Initiative powered by SheWorks!, Polaris MEP, and the
State of Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training (DLT).

SheWorks!, the State of Rhode Island Department of Labor and Polaris MEP partnered to train and enhance the employability of 500 women as part of the Rhode Island Back to Work initiative, which was launched to bring women back into the workforce post COVID-19.

Now, we are working together to help the women who completed the training program access new job opportunities, and we are seeking Employer Partners to join our mission.

Let’s bring women back to the workforce together!

Recruit the best talent in multiple fields with zero
recruitment fees.


Customer Service


Digital Marketing

Grow your business equitably and inclusively.

Program benefits:

  Access to top vetted talent without recruitment fees!
  Reduce recruitment time and operational costs!
  Get the skills you need in a cost-effective and flexible manner.
  Increase productivity.
  Close the gender unemployment gap.
  Increase real opportunities for women.

About the training programs

About Facebook trained talent
About Facebook trained talent
Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate
Professionals that complete the Facebook Digital Skills course are prepared for in-demand jobs such as: Community manager, Social media manager, Digital marketing associate, Planner digital junior, Digital Communications analyst.
About SheWorks! trained talent
About SheWorks! trained talent
Remote Work Certification
Professionals that complete the SheWorks! Remote Readiness course participants have a growth mindset prepared to surf uncertain times and work with agile projects. They’ll seek productivity, efficiency and result-driven deliveries.
About the iniatitive

About the iniatitive

The State of Rhode Island is rebuilding a “more equal and resilient economy” in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and unemployment challenges. We are helping 500 unemployed women with highly demanded digital marketing and remote readiness skills to boost their employability and connect to local and international remote jobs.

About SheWorks!

About SheWorks!

SheWorks! provides training and guidance to help job seekers gain the skills they need to find flexible, remote job opportunities and compete nationally and globally in today’s job market. Its talent marketplace platform connects thousands of job seekers with its networks of global clients and partners, such as Mastercard, Facebook, and others.