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Design and Creatives
Design and Creatives
Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Video Editors, Animators, Illustrators, UX-UI Designers, and Packaging Designers.
Content and Translator
Content and Translator
Blog & Article Writers, Proofreaders, Translators, Communications Experts, Copywriters SEO, and Creative Writers.
Technology and Engineering
Technology and Engineering
WordPress developers, Software developers, QA + Testers, Salesforce developers, and Product Designers.
Digital Marketing and Branding
Digital Marketing and Branding
Community Managers, Account Managers, Email Marketing Specialists, Digital Marketing Specialists, SEO-SEM-Growth Hackers, Paid Media Specialists, Digital Marketing Analysts, and Certified Facebook Marketers.
Virtual Support
Virtual Support
Virtual Assistants, Administrative Support, Data Curators, Data Entry, Recruiters, and Talent Screeners.
Project Management
Project Management
Project Managers and Product Managers.

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“The SheWorks! Community is unlike any other. They’ve offered me the unique opportunity to work on projects that suit my strengths; all while being a busy mom.”

Social Media Specialist | Vancouver, Canada

“I get the best of both worlds. SheWorks! allows me to work with amazing companies that value female talent.“

Graphic Designer | Buenos Aires, Argentina


Is there a cost to be on the platform?

SheWorks! is completely free for women. We don’t charge a membership fee for joining the talent marketplace. We only charge a small fee to the companies that use our platform to hire and  onboard talent, or use our technology, technical support and payment system.

I have registered, now what?

Please make sure you have completed all fields, so your profile is 100% finished. One of our recruiting specialists will review your profile within 48 hours. You will receive an email from SheWorks! once your profile has been approved and is made visible to our clients.

What industries do you offer job opportunities in?

SheWorks! is focused on computer-based work, including graphic design, web development, machine learning, data analysis, admin support, translation, writing, research, social media management, and much much more.

Is SheWorks! only available in the United States?

We are a global company. We truly believe that where you live no longer defines where you work. SheWorks! currently has 20,000+ women on the platform from 75+ different countries. 

Is there an age limit to be registered on the platform?

There is no age limit, all professionals are welcome.

What companies do you work with?

Some of our clients include: Google, Microsoft, Mastercard, PepsiCo, Criteo, the Inter-American Development Bank and America Movil.

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