Women’s Entrepreneurship Day: Skirt the Rules, use these rules to hack the entrepreneurial world

Happy Women’s Entrepreneurship Day! Today, we celebrate the woman who dares to pursue her dreams with courage, who finds in herself the strength to keep thinking big, who prepares herself, who insists and persists. For the woman who dares to ask herself, “What if”?.

November 19th marks the International Day of Women’s Entrepreneurship. In the midst of a crisis that especially affected women’s employment, many women dared, out of necessity or out of desire, to take a leap into entrepreneurship as a means of pursuing their economic independence, building businesses with an impact and seizing new opportunities.

The post-pandemic world, viewed through women’s eyes, presented, on the one hand, a great challenge but, on the other, an enormous opportunity to think outside the box and make a claim for their place in this new era of the business world which is beginning to take shape at such an exponential rate. 

Happy Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

After the obligatory process of self-reflection brought on by the pandemic or by personal, or family circumstances, the idea of wanting to enjoy increased flexibility, entrepreneurship emerged as the best alternative for the one in four women who no longer want to return to office jobs.

According to Veuve Clicquot’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Barometer Global Report 2021, many women found the COVID-19 crisis an opportunity to dare to go after their dream project. 

One of the major advantages of entrepreneurship for women is: financial independence + flexibility. Moreover, it is also a place where women can reclaim their professional development in a more creative way, putting their own unique touch on it.

Female entrepreneurship is usually associated with terms like community, collaboration, and service, which previously were separate from the workplace, but now, people, purpose, and fulfillment are at the core of it and it makes a lot of more sense.

Female entrepreneurship - She Works!

More promotions, more access to capital, less advice

While women-led ventures are a growing trend, only 2% of investment capital goes to women-led companies, and that number falls to a meager 0.4% for companies led by Latinas. 

But one cannot be what they cannot see. Therefore, in addition to the problem of access to capital, there is also the lack of women leaders who can inspire and show other women that it is possible. Not just to women but to all of society in order to rebuild a new framework that generates opportunities for development and growth for women, of course, but also for society as a whole. 

  • 46% of girls aged 11-16 say they lack the confidence to become leaders. (UNESCO Institute for Statistics, 2019)
  • 70% of girls feel differently about their future after hearing from female leaders. (Intribe, 2019)

At SheWorks, led by our founder and CEO Silvina Moschini, we launched Skirt the Rules, a global movement that seeks to empower female entrepreneurs. It is a virtual community that shares connections and valuable information, partnerships, events, workshops and valuable support when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Skirt the Rules was developed to provide a space where women’s unique abilities can be developed: effective communication, the power of empathy and the concept of community. Because we as women know that we make a difference when we work together with others, and that the more extensive our network is, the more effective our potential will be when it comes to generating capital. 

Through SheWorks! and Skirt the Rules, we seek to transform the industry to provide flexible work opportunities to millions of women around the world.

Skirt the Rules, a global movement that seeks to empower female entrepreneurs.

The Skirt the Rules tips that every entrepreneur should know

  1. Make your own rules: Don’t follow what everyone else does, you know your own abilities better than anyone- create your own path
  2. Think Big
  3. Business is a contact sport
  4. Build your tribe
  5. Share your story. Use your voice.
  6. Know your Passion. Follow your purpose. 
  7. Kuyashii: Overcome the imposter syndrome
  8. Leverage Tech
  9. Learn to talk about money
  10. Think outside the box. Innovate. 

To more female entrepreneurs, creating sustainable businesses, developing impactful companies, with a supportive world of investment, and where the odds really start to even out. Having more women creating businesses, empowered economically, is the best business for society as a whole. 

Happy Women’s Entrepreneurship Day!

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