We Are SheWorks!
We’re led by a passionate team who is constantly breaking through the geographical barriers of opportunity to connect talented professionals with jobs and bring transparency to remote workforce management.

Leadership Team

  • Maricruz Tabbia
    Maricruz Tabbia Chief of Staff

Board of Advisors

  • Laura Chinchilla
    Laura Chinchilla Former President of Costa Rica
  • Jorge Titinger
    Jorge Titinger Former CEO of SGi

Board of Directors of Transparent Business

SheWorks! Advisory Council

  • Susana Garcia-Robles
    Susana Garcia-Robles Chief, MIF Loans and Equity Operations; Gender Coordinator at FOMIN (Multilateral Investment Fund, MIF)
  • Leonardo Ortiz Villacorta
    Leonardo Ortiz Villacorta Global Field Director, Microsoft Philanthropies
  • Luis Miguel Messianu
    Luis Miguel Messianu Creative Chairman-CEO at Alma
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