We Are SheWorks!
We’re led by a passionate team who is constantly breaking through the geographical barriers of opportunity to connect talented professionals with jobs and bring transparency to remote workforce management.

Leadership Team

  • Silvina Moschini
    Silvina Moschini Founder & CEO
  • Mauricio Vargas Jimenez
    Mauricio Vargas Jimenez Head of International Markets
  • Martin Ruano
    Martin Ruano VP Planning and Operations
  • Marco Mendoza
    Marco Mendoza Business Development Manager
  • Maricruz Tabbia
    Maricruz Tabbia Chief of Staff & Operations
  • Veronica Enair
    Veronica Enair Social Media Manager
  • Natalia Duarte
    Natalia Duarte Art Director

Board of Advisors

  • Laura Chinchilla
    Laura Chinchilla Former President of Costa Rica
  • Jorge Titinger
    Jorge Titinger Former CEO of SGi
  • Maria Elena Salinas
    Maria Elena Salinas Award-winning journalist and author
  • Gina Diez Barroso
    Gina Diez Barroso President Grupo Diarq

Board of Directors of Transparent Business

  • Alex Konanykhin
    Alex Konanykhin Co-founder & CEO
  • James Costos
    James Costos Former US Ambassador to Spain
  • Silvina Moschini
    Silvina Moschini Co-founder & President
  • Moe Vela
    Moe Vela Senior Government Relations Consultant

SheWorks! Advisory Council

  • Susana Garcia-Robles
    Susana Garcia-Robles Chief, Loans and Equity Operations Gender Initiatives Coordinator at IDB Lab
  • Ken Arredondo
    Ken Arredondo Chief Revenue Officer
  • Luis Miguel Messianu
    Luis Miguel Messianu Creative Chairman-CEO at Alma
  • Ximena Querol
    Ximena Querol Executive Director at Sector 3 Social Venture Group & Executive Director at FIT Big Data
  • Susan Fonseca
    Susan Fonseca Founding Member SheWorks!, Founding Architect Singularity University, CEO & Founder of Women@TheFrontier
  • Jessica Olivan
    Jessica Olivan Founding Member SheWorks! & Director of Partnerships Pro Mujer
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