Dear Mompreneurs, Love SheWorks!

You’re rocking Motherhood, every part of it.

Having children is possibly the greatest gift, and women are incredible for being the quarterback of this natural phenomenon. 

For some of you, not all, leaving your career to welcome a new bundle of joy was a bittersweet life decision, and we’re writing to those of you who have now approached the Mom milestone “can I balance a personal and professional life?”

Yes, 100 times over.  We know you have the strength and capacity to change gears on a dime, juggle multiple tasks, and prioritize your family needs.  We know your resilience, and the abundance of unconditional love you hand out to your family without asking for anything in return.

Your career is part of who you are, something that gives you fulfilled purpose; showcasing to the world that you are the everyday wonder woman.  You’re leading by example, a role model for your kids, they can see your passion, and drive as you the marry the two worlds of being a Mom and advancing your career.  Your core values of self-motivation, ingenuity, and hard work do not go unnoticed; we admire how you take everything on in your daily routines, kids in tow, with a genuine confidence.

Any employer would reap the benefits of having you as a contributor to their team.  We invite you to join the women powered work revolution as part of the remote workforce of brilliant women just like you!  A platform to connect with innovative companies with no walls, no limits, and greater transparency. We understand that Motherhood is all kinds of crazy, and we’re here to support you on your journey.

We want you to thrive in the digital working world; we aim to create a space where you can feel valued and productive.  We want you to continue learning and equip you with the skills to grow your business or take your career in a different direction.  We can help pave the way to the freedom and flexibility of remote working, where you can have impact in the success of leading companies or excel in your own pursuit of “Mompreneur-ship”.

Your commitment, and work ethic is unparalleled; and we would be honored to have you as part of the SheWorks! community.

Keep doing you – you’ve got this.