Challenges and opportunities of becoming a successful global entrepreneur

SheWorks! was founded to empower women, by connecting professionals with learning and work opportunities through the use of cloud technology and big data. We help women pursue their careers without having to give up their personal life.

The SheWorks! platform gives companies access to talent from around the world, because talent is universal while opportunities are not. At the same time, women can assess their skills in order to be matched with the training they need to be more competitive and increase their employability, in response to what is on demand internationally.
SheWorks! gives an answer to the current problems in the labour market. One one hand, the skills shortage: companies cannot find the talent they need and spend from 3 weeks to 6 months trying to fill a position. In the United States 57% of the companies complain that they have problems finding the professionals with the right skills. On the other hand, there are 212 million unemployed people in the world. It’s a matter of numbers, like finding love, if you’re limiting your choices to the people around you, you may not find the right person.
Furthermore, women need more flexible work structures because they tend to be the ones in charge of looking after other family members. While they tend to be more educated (54% of university graduates are women), they are also conditioned to leave their careers mid-way because they can’t find ways to balance their professional and personal life. Through the use of technology created by companies like Google, Cisco, Microsoft we can collaborate in real time.
SheWorks! has been in contact with the governments of Argentina, Mexico and Panama. Also, SheWorks! partnered up with the government of Saudi Arabia where women have the greatest challenges because mixed gender work environments are not allowed. As part of the Saudi Vision 2030, their teleworking program powered by our technology will allow 250,000 women to work from home.
There are other professionals that also face challenges to access the labour market and that can benefit from remote work, such as people with disabilities and refugees. For example, we were working with the White House on a program called Partnership for Refugees to contribute our technology to build talent exchange so that companies can hire them to work remotely as our platform also has functionalities that allow to monitor collaborate, evaluate performance and manage projects, ensuring better engagement and communication.
By thinking outside the box, employing trends like machine learning, cloud computing and collaboration tools we can connect talent with opportunities, no matter where they are located.