Passio success story: The Artificial Intelligence revolution is powered by SheWorks! talent

Without a doubt, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming everyday digital experiences. And, it’s just getting started. Companies like Passio and SheWorks! perfectly combine their vision with their purpose.  They are working together to drive one of the greatest changes in the global economy.

Converting analog to digital is a challenge many companies from all over the world have faced. Mobilizing resources to make this transition happen is an everyday occurrence in today’s 4.0 Revolution. Early-adopters will get ahead, but those with the right teams in place will win.

Passio is a leading tech-company that uses machine learning, image recognition, and nutrition intelligence to build health and nutrition tracking applications.

Passio is dedicated to improving the mobile applications of leaders in fitness and healthcare and helps businesses augment their applications and products with real-time, on-device food recognition, and nutrition intelligence technology using easy to integrate SDKs and APIs.

“Our Edge-AI platform makes it easy for companies to add vertical-specific computer vision into their apps and build AI-driven sales and UX experiences,” says Dmitriy Starson, CEO of Passio.

Passio reached out to SheWorks! to find a reliable source of freelance talent.  We believe, “if you want something done, ask a woman” and we delivered.

Passio generated an artificial intelligence system with 25,000 integrated images thanks to the help of 35 professionals who are part of the SheWorks! Talent platform.

Learn about the history of our collaboration

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25,000 cataloged images. 35 professionals with new opportunities.

Passio needed to quickly assemble a large team of image taggers, trained in their technology and strategic use of keywords. 

“Building nutritional AI requires our global data team to collect, label and organize millions of food images,” says Dmitriy Starson, CEO of Passio.

Our team of English and Spanish speakers reviewed and tagged more than 25,000 nutritional references into their database with accuracy and precision, so that the app can recognize over 3,000 foods. We are now producing cooking videos as well.

Passio: growth hand in hand with diversity

Diversity as a purpose. Growth as a goal.

In addition to being committed to providing advanced technology to companies in the health, wellness and nutrition industry, Passio has a deep commitment to diversity and the inclusion of women in the world of technology. It is one of the fundamental pillars of impact the company considers when launching its projects and it’s evident that considering triple impact initiatives deeply aligned to the company’s DNA boost growth, offer concrete results and generate profits.

“With the help of SheWorks !, Passio has built a nutrition AI which has become the leading food recognition technology, and powers MyFitnessPal’s meal scan, Openfit’s food tracker and soon many apps that help everyday people easily track nutrition …” Dmitriy Starson, CEO of Passio

How does it help to include talent from women excluded from the labor market?

Remote work opens opportunities for women to work in flexible environments that adapt to their time and responsibilities and enables them to be a part of new fields, such as technology. Statistics show that having children impacts professional women 43% more than fathers, and as many as 1 in 2 women are forced to leave the labor market to take responsibility for tasks related to care. After the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and as a result of the global lockdown, most organizations had to shift to virtual operations and millions of people worked remotely. Remote work ensured business continuity and in many cases increased productivity, becoming the new normal in which new opportunities arose for women. Although we know that this work model does not automatically solve gender inequalities, it is an alternative that provides unlimited, remote and global opportunities that are driven solely by talent.

“My health was compromised.  I couldn’t work (in person), and working remotely allowed me to go back to work and also have a team who was ready to welcome me back,” says Flor, a collaborator of the Passio project. 

There are many scenarios where remote work becomes a true enabler. It is increasingly an alternative for professionals and the preferred way to work by the new generations, since it allows people to have a better work-life balance.

Partners in hacking the gender labor gap

At SheWorks!, we seek to create remote, global and flexible opportunities for women in a new era of work. To achieve this it is crucial to partner with companies who are also committed to making a positive impact on sustainability and inclusion as part of their mission. 

Why do big tech companies like Passio rely on remote talent?

  • Access to qualified talent  with flexibility and on-demand
  • Fast-track implementation
  • Scalability that translates into unlimited growth
  • Global professionals that enrich culture
  • Focus on inclusion that benefits highly qualified women
  • Transparency in collaboration

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