Skirt the Rules: Challenge the rules of the entrepreneurial world

Skirt the Rules

Supporting female entrepreneurs with concrete actions is key for economic recovery post-Covid. This is why Skirt the Rules was born, a global movement to think big and bid imposter syndrome goodbye so that women entrepreneurs can use their potential to create businesses with a positive global impact.

Last year was a symbolic year for women. Immersed in one of the worst global crises, women were at the forefront of leadership and resilience. The pandemic demonstrated that by working together, we show how strong we really are.

This International Women’s Day finds us closer together than ever because the world has learned that we are more successful when we work and build collaboratively. We want to bury the idea that when one woman succeeds she is taking the spot of other women. Not at all! The goal is to pull up more chairs and make more room for women at the table.

An article published in the Harvard Business Review reveals that women who have a wide network of other women find better jobs, jobs in higher positions, and better wages. It is also easier for a woman to overcome obstacles when she is supported by another woman that has gone through a similar experience. This is why we launched Skirt the Rules

To expand, women entrepreneurs are key players for social and economic growth in every country. Skirt the Rules is a community with a focus on collective learning and access to tools and practices to help entrepreneurs reach their business goals. There are workshops, mentorship spaces, and training programs to grow their businesses.

We had the pleasure of launching Skirt the Rules on March 8th alongside María Elena Salinas, news reporter and author, and the most recognizable voice for Hispanics living in the U.S. She has been on board since the start because it is important to her to support other women. This is how this initiative was created in the first place, women lifting other women up so they can achieve their biggest dreams.

Our launch is taking place all week, so on Wednesday, March 10th at 6:30 pm EST we are joined by another incredible woman, Altaír Jarabo, one of the most respected actresses in Mexico. You can join us live on Instagram on @WhereSheWorks. 

The name of this new community is based on a concept that I learned a couple of years ago and that applied beautifully to female leadership. “Skirt the Rules” is a play on words. On the one hand, it means putting a skirt on the rules, and on the other, it’s an invitation to creatively bend the rules without breaking them. I am convinced that in this area of bending the rules is where women are the most creative, leaving their marks wherever they go.

This is the secret formula we aspire to share with entrepreneurs in Skirt the Rules. We know that women with other women’s support are more successful and that we all have something we can learn and something we can teach. Being a woman is a work in progress.

Let’s keep inspiring each other to write our own rules!