SAP and SheWorks! Unite To Improve Employability Conditions For Women In The Region.

RIVIERA MAYA, Mexico – August 17, 2017 – SAP announced that it will begin collaborating with SheWorks! to jointly promote digital education for women and improve their employability. The announcement was made within the framework of the SAP Partner Leadership Summit, held in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, August 15th through 17th.

SheWorks! is a women-only digital platform that combines Cloud technology, search algorithms, remote monitoring, collaboration, and workforce management solutions to connect talented women with training in digital technologies and flexible remote work opportunities. The goal is to have, within five years, 100,000 women educated in digital technologies working remotely.

Through this partnership, SheWorks! participants will receive training in SAP innovation solutions related to the digital transformation of companies. These high demand tools will improve the employability opportunities of these women in the SAP ecosystem, since they will be officially certified and available for hiring by SAP, its business partners or its clients.

“Millions of qualified women quit their jobs because they do not find the flexibility they need to match their personal life with the professional,” said Silvina Moschini, CEO and Founder of SheWorks!. “We intend to drastically reduce female unemployment with opportunities of the new digital economy: education in digital technologies and remote employment”.

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), the female unemployment rate approaches two-digit level (9.8%) while inequality deepens: in 2013, the employment level for men was 72.2%, a figure that drops to 47.1% for women.

“There is no doubt that we have a huge education challenge. Latin America remains the most unequal region – economically speaking – in the world, and more than 20 million young people – one in five – are unemployed or out of school, “said Claudio Muruzabal, President of SAP Latin America. “At SAP we are committed to addressing this problem. We have various regional initiatives designed to provide more opportunities for the younger generation, for example, the SAP Young Professional program, which has already had two years of high labor insertion rates. We also have an initiative called LatinCode Week that we launched last year and we already expanded to 9 countries, impacting 1200 young people who are trained in STEM skills. I see this collaboration with SheWorks! as very promising because it is a direct way where professionals who train or certify in SAP solutions can offer their services. Diversity and women’s inclusion is a key part of SAP’s culture and all the efforts that contribute to this is a winning formula. “

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About SheWorks!

SheWorks! is a social impact initiative that connects vetted women professionals from around the world with online education and job opportunities. SheWorks! is using artificial intelligence to achieve the best match of talent and client needs. It provides simple, efficient and transparent remote work monitoring and management tools to ensure a successful outcome for the client and the professional they hire.

SheWorks! addresses the important problem of the shortage of women in the labor force and allows for the creation of employment opportunities specifically tailored to their needs, accelerating economic growth by allowing more women access to job opportunities around the world remotely, with flexibility and transparency.

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