Scale your SME operations hiring the best remote talent

SheWorks! & Mastercard Partnership supports SMEs
growth with a strategic discount on recruitment fees for companies with up to 250 employees.

Build an agile organization with vetted on-demand talent.

Scale your business capabilities

Access to real-time status updates of
your projects

Have full visibility
and control of your
production expenses

Add qualified experts or build an entire remote team hiring professionals
by the hour, by project, or as a long- or  short term engagement,
as flexibly as you need them.

SheWorks! enables small and medium-sized companies to build their distributed
work teams using talent on demand and providing transparency in their management.

Explore our talent pool to find the skills you need. Review talent profiles, experience, feedback from previous assignments

Add the selected professional to your project and start monitoring their work in real-time

Every hour of work is illustrated with 20 screenshots. Use them to start a conversation thread

Use our Project Management tool to manage resource allocation and monitor cost and progress

Benefits for your company

Grow your company
on demand

Access talent
from the global pool

Save up to 30%
in talent cost

Save up to $20k per year
in infrastructure

Increase your team
productivity up to 40%

Access our talent pool to engage with vetted professional women to support your business processes:


Marketing / Communications / Social
Media Management


Bookkeeping / Accounting / Accounts
Payable and Receivable


Project Management


HR Management / Recruiting / Payroll Processing


Website and Applications Development


Content Development / Graphic Design / Multimedia Design / UX / UI


Admin support / Customer Service / Virtual Assistance

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