Maximize your Facebook Ads campaigns by installing Facebook Pixel.
SheWorks! can help you configure Facebook Pixel to give you all the information you need to meet your marketing goals and take your business to new heights.

Building your brand on Facebook can offer you many new benefits.
Ensure you are maximizing your investment by correctly installing and configuring your Facebook Pixel with SheWorks!.

What is Facebook Pixel and what is it for?

The Pixel is a code installed on your website that allows you to:


Measure and analyze how your advertisements help to influence conversion rates across multiple devices.

Deliver targeted ads to the people most likely to perform the action you want.

Generate custom audiences from the website; dynamic ads help to automatically redirect people to your products.

Obtain detailed information about your website’s traffic, understanding how users navigate your website.

Facebook Pixel allows your business to gather the information it needs to target and better understand its customers – turning advertising dollars into profit.

The correct installation of this tool can be a complicated process.  Hire our experts at SheWorks! to do it for you!

Large companies, small businesses, startups, marketing & advertising agencies, and nonprofit organizations can count on SheWorks! as an ally to scale their teams on demand and in a cost-effective manner.

SheWorks! brings a gender perspective to your team and increases the inclusion of women in the labor market. Companies can hire highly qualified female professionals from our platform and manage them remotely and transparently.  This process also allows companies to follow the execution of a project in real time, while collaborating in a secure cloud environment. 


  • "The SheWorks! experts in Facebook Pixel helped us to reach new customers more effectively, expanding our audience and reducing our acquisition cost. This is a very powerful tool and the SheWorks! team of experts provided an exceptional service."

    Martin Ruano
    Martin Ruano Yandiki
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    Mariangie Rosas
    Mariangie Rosas CEO & Founder at haus Coworking Space
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    Yuri Vider
    Yuri Vider General Manager Wikiexperts