Inside Look at SheWorks!
2019 Momentum

We are living the perfect storm for innovation and perhaps the most important time in history to be a woman. March commemorated Women History Month and at SheWorks! we are working diligently to not only drive the narrative but also change the reality of millions of women around the world by redefining how work is done. From new marketing campaigns, partnerships, clients, and media, we are making immense progress working towards our impact goals for 2019!

Behind every successful company, is a strong Leadership Team

We have an extraordinary Leadership Team in place and as our team continues to grow, we are thrilled to announce that Claudia Vasquez, Former President & General Manager, at CA Technologies Latin America, has been appointed as President of Partnerships & Growth for Latin America where we currently have large-scale opportunities in progress. Gerardo Flores Zurita, Former Country Manager for CA Technologies Mexico joined our team as Country Manager for Mexico, along with Mauricio Vargas Jimenez, who bring extensive experience in IBM and IT consulting to our team as new Country Manager for Colombia. They will oversee company operations, driving growth and performance in their respective countries.

Former Senior Advisor and Director of Administration to Vice President Biden, Moe Vela, joined TransparentBusiness as Senior Government Relations Consultant, working tirelessly to help us introduce our Transparency Bill to help government and companies save millions of dollars by making accountability and transparent verification of billable time the new business norm.

Claudia Vasquez

Gerardo Flores Zurita

Mauricio Vargas

Moe Vela

Howard Needle

Former Bank of America Managing Director Howard Needle joins TransparentBusiness Team as Chief Financial Officer. We are ecstatic to have Howard as part of our team, his focus is driving transparency and financial strategy to continue our rapid expansion both in the US and worldwide.

What the Amazing Women behind SheWorks! are saying!

«As a millennial, work-life-balance is extremely important to me. In the past, I have always been part of a team that has kept traditional, rigid working models. With SheWorks!, their innovative platform gives me the flexibility to work on exciting new projects that suit my schedule!»

~Natalia Vargas

«As a professional Mom, I found it extremely challenging to balance caring for my young children and working full time and ended up quitting my job. SheWorks! gave me the opportunity to find a rewarding and exciting job in the US from my home in Caracas, Venezuela while being close to the people I love the most. With the power of technology I can take care of my family, work a flexible schedule, and have financial independence!»

~Antonella Marti

Exclusive Women’s Day Celebrations

SheWorks! Celebrated Women’s Day with a special launch of our #AskAWoman Campaign. We are featuring powerful, strong-willed, driven, game changing women who make it happen! We’ve just started the nominations process and are sharing weekly and spreading the word on all of these phenomenal women. You can see our campaign using hashtag #AskAWoman or visiting Do you know an incredible woman that inspires you and gets things done?

SheWorks! is Making Headlines!

We are very excited, and proud of our recent media exposure!

Noticias Telemundo aired their interview Sunday, April 7th with Iris Castro & Silvina discussing equality, social impact, and how SheWorks! is changing the way the world works.

In honour of #EqualPayDay on April 2nd, Silvina announced her first written piece as a contributor for Arianna Huffington’s platform Thrive Global about the importance of speaking out about equal pay. The article was published on Thrive Global and later shared by Arianna herself!

Forbes México published an interview with Silvina talking about SheWorks! and how our platform aims to reduce the gender labor gap featuring an upcoming initiative in Central America to connect online education on skills for employability and remote jobs for women in the region.

On April 4th, MarieClaire published an incredible conversation between Gloria Garcés and Silvina about success, failure, dreams, and being a woman in the workplace in 2019.

And last, «Flexible, remote and transparent work, the keys to inclusion in the digital economy!» Silvina’s interview for PwC Argentina.

Above and Beyond Recognition

On March 6th Silvina was an honoree and presented with an award at the «Whealth & Innovation»Gala at Saks 5th Avenue, Brickell City Centre for her outstanding career and drive with SheWorks! Initiatives.

March 28th, Silvina was recognized for her contributions with SheWorks! but also showcasing her career as an entrepreneur, and presented with an award at the City & State’s Above & Beyond Gala among 30 of the most influential women in New York that have demonstrated exemplary impact and leadership in New York community.

Empowerment & the Importance of Giving Back

SheWorks! is committed to giving back to the community as we journey towards a more inclusive and diverse workforce. Silvina has joined the Vital Voices Global Ambassadors program in Puerto Rico, in partnership with Bank of America. The program retreat pairs top leaders from around the world to serve as mentors to emerging women leaders in the Vital Voices network. From March 18-22 all the mentees, mentors, and trainers shared a powerful experience supporting, learning, and motivating each other to achieve transformational change.

Silvina also shared her life-changing experience being part of the Vital Voices Global Ambassadors Program on CNN en Español.

Endeavor, an NGO that supports high impact entrepreneurs, featured Silvina as part of the #HerImpact Campaign on March 6th highlighting successes and challenges as a woman entrepreneur. Read the exclusive interview here. Also, in coordination with Endeavor Miami, Silvina was featured at the #PioneersatMDC series and joined Laura Maydon, Endeavor Miami, Managing Director for a conversation about empowering women, leadership, and having high impact in our communities. Check out the Facebook live conversation!

Silvina was also part of the Salesforce Growth Camp, Powered By Alice, for Miami Business Owners. The event was aimed to support entrepreneurs building their businesses in 2019. In the Growth Camp and TrailblazeHER Dinner Silvina shared her experience of being an entrepreneur, as well as resources, tools, and scale up action plans!

Women’s Day was not only the launch of our #AskAWoman Campaign, Silvina had the opportunity to present the opening remarks of the HBO Panel on Gender Inclusion, hosted by HBO Latin America and participate in the panel discussion. An inspiring presentation, discussing topics of navigating challenges and identifying key drivers for women to grow and thrive in the workplace.

And last, on March 7th Silvina was featured on the panel at the 500 Startups Unity + Inclusion Summit in Miami, where she discussed the meaning of impact, disruptive technology, entrepreneurship, and inclusion in the workplace.

Transparency is becoming the Norm in Government Contracts

As overbilling fraud in government contracts amounts to billions of dollars, we are on a mission to protect taxpayers by making Transparent verification of billable time the norm in government procurement.

Our Transparency Bill has been introduced in 30 states and unanimously passed full Assembly in New Jersey. We believe that the trend towards transparency is not only global but also irreversible. Corruption interferes with economic growth, contributes to social inequality, and prevents innovation. Making transparent verification of billable hours and work the norm will not only prevent waste, fraud, and abuse but also drive inclusion and accountability, creating more opportunities remote and flexible jobs.

Check out World Economic Forum article written by Alex Konanykhin, our CEO at TransparentBusiness to read about how technologies enable trust and integrity and drive economic growth.

Below Silvina Moschini Co-founder of TransparentBusiness and CEO of SheWorks! presented our platform at Tech For Integrity Program at the World Economic Forum.