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La plataforma de trabajo donde ser mujer sí tiene ventajas

El 58% de las mujeres renuncia a su carrera profesional al ser madre

Las mujeres son el 45% de los estudiantes universitarios y toman el 80% de las decisiones de compra. Read More



At first sight, Coronda seems to be an Argentine rural town like any other. However, from its squares and strawberry plantations, a woman innovates in the service industry. Maricruz Tabbia with his personal computer is revolutionizing the labor market, recruiting professionals from Russia to the United States.

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Challenges and opportunities of becoming a successful global entrepreneur

SheWorks! was founded to empower women, by connecting professionals with learning and work opportunities through the use of cloud technology and big data. We help women pursue their careers without having to give up their personal life.

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A Global Cloud-Based Platform to Connect Professional Women With Flexible Remote Job Opportunities is Unveiled at the UN HQ

The platform combines machine learning, data science and cloud technology to disrupt gender unemployment and retain women into the workforce.

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El empleo virtual y la mujer

La flexibilidad laboral es la solución para que más mujeres se integren al mundo del trabajo.


Oportunidades de flexibilidad laboral

El 43% de las mujeres profesionales en Estados Unidos dejan su trabajo para poder cuidar a su familia. Las nuevas tecnologías ofrecen oportunidades para que las mujeres logren compatibilizar la vida laboral y personal.